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Please check the FAQ section on the Easy Directory landing page.
Easy Directory just shows a blank screen
If Easy Directory only shows a white screen, it is mostly due to Firewall settings blocking the app domain ( or resources that are loaded by Microsoft Teams, such as
Please check with your IT administrator if you face such issues.
Missing results: Not as many results as expected
When you search for a contact (e.g., Meier) it might be, that not all Meiers are shown in the search results. This is not an error and due to the reason, that for each contact source only a certain amount of top matching results is loaded to save resources.
You need to further narrow down your search input (e.g., Meier M).
Didn't get any search result or Easy Directory keeps loading
If Easy Directory remains loading and does not show you any search result, please check whether there is a pop-up that gets blocked from your browser. This might be the case, when the consent has not been granted by an administrator so far and the app wants you to log-in with an admin account and your browser blocks pop-ups.
Performance: My search took several seconds
Easy Directory is requesting the contacts through Microsoft's Graph API. Therefore, it is dependent on the performance of Graph. Most of the time, it works in pieces of seconds. Nevertheless, it might happen that the graph response takes some time and thus, a search query lasts for several seconds. Unfortunately, we cannot influence the behavior of Graph.
Cannot find Easy Directory app in Teams or Teams Admin Center
If you cannot find Easy Directory in Teams or in the Teams Admin Center, your Teams administrator might have implemented an App Permission Policy that blocks third-party apps. Therefore, check with your Teams administrator or if you are the administrator, make sure to apply an exception for Easy Directory.


Can I test the app before I need to purchase a license?
Yes, of course. You can just install and test the app for 30 days without the necessity to purchase a license from the beginning on. A banner indicates when your trial period will end.
After the trial has ended, you need to purchase a license through Microsoft App source.
What is concurrent licensing?
A concurrent software license is a type of license that is based on the maximum number of users who will use it simultaneously. For example, if a company purchases 75 concurrent licenses, that means that up to 75 of their employees can use the software at within the given time.
Seats are assigned automatically by the application on a “first come, first serve” rule and are automatically reserved for the user for 30 days. The seat will be de-assigned and available in the pool of available seats if the user doesn’t use the app within this period.
Nevertheless, you are able to reserve a seat for a specific user as subscription owner to ensure that a specific user gets a license and can use the app.
Wat are the benefits of concurrent licensing?
  • Less administration: Reduced administration overhead, since they only need to purchase a certain number of licenses. Assignment will be done automatically
  • Cost-efficiency: The customer only pays for the number of licenses that the is willing to grant within a 30-days period.
  • Seat reservation possible: Even though the seats are acquired through users on a “first come, first serve” rule, a customer can reserve seats for specific users to ensure that they can use the app.
Error during Checkout process
The entire checkout process (e.g. errors when creating the billing profile, etc.) is handled via Microsoft App Source. Errors during this process must be reported directly to Microsoft Support.


Cannot install Easy Directory (as User)
Installing Easy Directory requires consent from Microsoft. Thus, during the installation process a Microsoft pop-up asks you to provide consent. However, it might be that your browser blocks the pop-up. Please ensure, that you unblock it to be able to install Easy Directory.

Cannot find an answer to my question...

If you cannot find an answer to your question, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. -> Open a support ticket