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Get licenses for your organization

Subscription purchasing and recurrent billing is processed by Microsoft's standard checkout process.

This app uses a concurrent licensing model. Please refer to theFAQ page for a detailed explanation.

You can purchase licenses for Easy Directory either directly through Microsoft Teams or via Microsoft App Source. Both approaches are explained in the following section.

  1. To purchase Easy Directory licenses, you can simply right click on the app icon in the left pane and then on About.

  2. On the app info popup, you will find the possibility to purchase subscriptions directly within Teams (button Buy a subscription). Hint: You must be allowed to purchase from Microsoft App source by your tenant admin.

  3. Choose the subscription plan that matches your requirements and click on Checkout (please take into consideration, that the minimum licensing requirement is 15 seats).

  4. Follow the instructions of the checkout process (standard Microsoft checkout process).

  5. After you clicked on Set up now you will be redirected to the Easy Directory Dashboard to finalize the subscription setup.

If you access the subscription management dashboard for the first time, you are prompted to give consent to the Easy Directory dashboard app. The required permissions are the same as the Easy Directory Teams app asked for.

  • Sign you in and read your profile

  • Maintain access to data you have given it access to

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