Installation Guide

Follow the steps below to successfully install Easy Directory in your tenant

lease follow the installation guidelines to enable Easy Directory in your organization. Easy Directory can be installed individually or distributed through the Teams Admin Center.

Please note that you need an admin providing consent for Easy Directory to be installed successfully. Additionally, make sure, that you are using Exchange Online to benefit from the full functionality of Easy Directory

Step-by-Step Installation

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  1. Navigate to the Teams apps > Manage apps section in the Teams Admin Center or follow the direct link.

  2. Search for Easy Directory

  3. Check, that the app is allowed

  4. Review and grant permissions - Easy Directory needs permissions to find contacts in Microsoft Entra ID and Exchange Online. First, navigate to Easy Directory in the Teams Admin Center, select the Permissions tab and click on Review permissions.

    To prevent that each user has to grant permission, you can grant admin consent in Microsoft Entra ID - Enterprise Applications. Therefore, navigate to Permissions and click on Grant admin consent.

  5. In a next step, you need to get a subscription to use the app. We offer a free 30-days trial so that you can test the app thoroughly. To start with the free 30-days trial, just start using the app in Teams. After the 30-days, the trial expires and you must purchase a subscription to continue using Easy Directory. Simply follow the instructions on the page Purchase licenses to acquire a license.

  6. To distribute the app broadly within your organization, proceed according to Microsoft's Teams Apps distribution best practices.


Easy Directory is ready to be used. Start saving time by finding your contacts within one single source.

If the app shows an error, please refresh Teams before reaching out to our support.

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