Uninstallation Guide

Follow the steps below to successfully uninstall EasyDirectory from your tenant

Easy Directory can be uninstalled easily.

Uninstalling Easy Directory only removes the app and provided consent from your tenant. Your contacts and other data are not affected.

Remove the app from your Teams client

  • Remove the installed Teams app in in your Teams Desktop or Teams Web client through a right click and Uninstall.

  • If the app has been installed by a Teams admin through policies, you can unpin the app in the similar way. Consider that unpinning the app is only cosmetically, only an admin can uninstall the app in this scenario within Teams admin center.

Uninstall for all users

You can uninstall Easy Directory for all users through Teams Admin Center.

  1. Open Teams Admin Center

  2. If you have installed it through Setup Policies, ensure, that it is not installed anymore to users.

  3. Navigate to Manage Apps

  4. Search for Easy Directory

  5. Open the app properties and disallow it.

Congratulation, you have successfully deleted the Teams App. Now, you must remove the granted permissions through the removal of the Enterprise application from the Azure Portal.

  1. Open Azure Active Directory > Enterprise Applications as global administrator.

  2. Search for Easy Directory

  3. Open the app properties, click on Delete and confirm the deletion.

You have successfully uninstalled Easy Directory from your tenant.

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