See how Easy Directory helps you to simplify your contact management

Features overview

Easy Directory comes with a multitude of awesome features to simplify the process of accessing and organizing your contacts.

  • Unified search on multiple, configurable sources

  • Two search modes: Contact search & Tag filtering

  • Contact tagging

  • Custom views

  • Collaboration buttons

  • Quick actions

  • Synchronize contacts to your personal Outlook contacts (for offline use / mobile phone)

  • Show/access extended attributes from Azure Active Directory

  • Integrate your third-party ERP/CRM or other sources with additional attributes provided.

Search modes

Switch easily between Contact search and Tag search using the search mode toggle.

All information about the search modes can be found in the Search modes page.


Easy Directory provides a set of system views, but also offers the flexibility for users to create their own views according to their specific needs.

Any new search configuration (e.g., when you filtered for a tag 'Directors') provides the option to save it directly into a new view.

Views can be selected in the view-dropdown on the lefthand side. Mark a view as default view by selecting the star-icon. This will be the default view once you open the Easy Directory app.

More detailed information about views and their configurations can be found under Views. The following part provides simply an introductory overview.

System views

Easy Directory comes with the following system views:

  • New search (Initiates a new search for contacts or filter contacts by tags)

  • Favorites (Shows your favorite contacts)

  • Synched contacts (Shows your synched contacts)

Custom views

Configure your custom view according to your requirements.

Examples are:

  • Filter contacts by a company, role, region, size, etc.

  • Display contacts grouped by tags

  • Display contacts based a search query

  • ...and many more!

Direct Actions

You can initiate the following actions from Easy Directory contact cards:

  • Click on a contact card to display all information

  • Start a Teams chat

  • Start a Teams video call

  • Start a Teams call

  • Start a new email

  • Start a PSTN call

Your tenant needs Microsoft Teams Phone System enabled to be able to start PSTN calls from Easy Directory.


Tagging contacts helps you quickly filter a contact by categories that you define. A tag corresponds to a one or two keyword phrase that you define and that supports your needs to filter or group a view.

More about the power and functionality of organization- and personal tags in the corresponding page: Tags

Contact sources

Easy Directory allows you to integrate contacts from different sources into one platform. They can be categorized into:

  • Exchange Online (personal contacts and shared contacts)

  • Microsoft Entra ID (your Microsoft 365 users)

  • Third-party ERP or CRM (*)

(*) this feature requires the extented version (or additional components) of Easy Directory. Please contact us for more information.

Additional Attributes

Easy Directory provides you with the ability to display more than just the default user attributes. Therefore, you can specify and configure additional attributes to be displayed on the contact cards.

Please contact support@twincapfirst.ch to configure custom attributes.

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