See how Easy Directory helps you to simplify your contact management


Direct Actions

You can initiate the following actions from Easy Directory contact cards:
  • Click on a contact card to display all information
  • Start a Teams chat
  • Start a Teams video call
  • Start a Teams call
  • Start a new email
  • Start a PSTN call
Your tenant needs Microsoft Teams Phone System enabled to be able to start PSTN calls from Easy Directory.


Quick access to all your favorite contacts.
  • A contact can be added to favorites by clicking on the star-icon on the top right corner of each contact card.
  • Favorite contacts are indicated by a filled star-icon.

Synch contacts

Easy Directory offers each user the possibility to synchronize up to 500 contacts. Therefore, a user can benefit from caller recognition and has access to the contacts on their mobile phones. (contact synchronisation must be enabled in Outlook mobile).
Your organisation's data protection policies apply to control whether you allow users to sync contacts from their Outlook mobile application to the native contacts.
  • A contact can be added to synched contacts by clicking on the cloud-icon on the top right corner of each contact card.
  • Contacts that are synched are indicated by a filled cloud-icon.

Search Filters

You can specify the sources to limit where you would like to search in, and which contacts should be displayed. For each source, the contacts will receive a color so that you can differentiate visually the source a contact is from.

Additional Attributes

Easy Directory is able to display more than only the default user attributes. Therefore, you can specify and configure custom additional attributes that will be shown on the contact cards.
Please contact [email protected] to configure custom attributes.