Configure your Easy Directory App to match your needs best

Easy Directory offers you the following configuration possibilities.

Configure Search Filters

You can specify the sources to limit where you would like to search in, and which contacts should be displayed. For each source, the contacts will receive a color so that you can differentiate visually the source a contact is from.


Add Shared Mailboxes

Shared mailboxes containing contacts extend the default contact sources Azure Active Directory (Organizational Contacts) and your Outlook contacts (Personal Contacts).

A user must be member of a shared mailbox to be able to retrieve it's contacts.

New shared mailboxes can be added by entering the corresponding email address in the Settings tab. You can add up to 5 shared mailboxes.

Currently, each user must add the shared mailbox by himself. If you wish to assign a shared mailbox to all users, contact us ( and provide the shared mailbox address and your M365 tenant-id.

Currently, there is no lookup field. Please make sure, the shared mailbox address really exists.

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